Debate of Power and Control in Women’s Power Attire……Burka vs. Bikini?

“A ban on burkhas is supported by 99 per cent of Britons, a Daily Express poll found last month.”

I found the ban on Burkha’s not controversial , not filled with hate, not close minded as it relates to women’s attire in Paris, France.  I found it refreshing that a country wants to see more of a woman than her just her eyes.  I found it refreshing that despite cultural differences, the “Burkha” is offensive as a public display of contempt for women.

I found it refreshing that in France,  men find the woman a joy to view. The French society wants to see the entire woman’s face. Women may still wear a shawl, symbol of femininity, but not a burka as a symbol of male dominance. Women  are not viewed  sexually in this culture, but observed,  just as an object of beauty like one takes a moment to appreciate the petals of a flower, or gaze longingly at a sunset. Women, beings and creatures of mystery, motherhood, magic.

I have yet to find the same contempt about another uniform of women’s power, commonly seen,  not banned, not debated but widely exclaimed without apology, particularly by California women. I have lived in California for five years and  have yet to understand this puzzling culture. In the land of fruits, flakes, nuts how can we live in these times as women without being viewed also as objects ?

I grew up in the liberal, “burn your bra” days of Gloria Steinem,  Jayne Fonda when pot was usual in locker rooms, and the Beatles led the acid revolution. As  much as I found these times and these cultures liberal, perhaps offensive to some, it was still a distinct time in history when women’s views were heard and respected. Gloria is as stunningly beautiful at 70 as she was decades earlier. She still writes books. Jayne Fonda released yet another exercise video, proving that  even as a senior, she can still be drop dead gorgeous.

The California uniform, just as offensive as the Burkha, is non other than, “adorable”,  baby pink string bikini, barely covering the silicon injected tat-tas protruding skillfully from the sides, spilling waterfall like out of the fronts of the two triangle-shaped dots of fabric.

Why would any self-respecting woman choose this uniform?  These specs of gauze can not be called a “bathing suit” . It is certainly cannot be a named a swim suit. You cannot swim in it. You cannot bathe in it. If asked,  the designer would admit it used less than an eighth of a yard of fabric. You could actually use two men’s handkerchiefs and have more coverage for your basic body parts.

I submit to you, this uniform is as much about power and control as the Burkha is in Muslim women’s culture. Or as the man’s vested three-piece, pinstriped business suit is for the board room or Wall Street. Commonly worn by the latest arm bracelet of the “uberwealthy, massively overweight 60 plus male,  belly in hand, using yet another babe in pink, to prove his sexual and viral prowess, in his declining, rather than reclining years.

The string bikini is as much a symbol of male dominance by a woman who openly needs to display her body to sexually control a man. If the man thinks he has control of this hedonistic beauty, he is a fool. The reverse is actually true. The silicon injected ta-tas rule the day. The sting bikini denies the brain, denies the conversation, denies the respect of a woman who thinks, who reasons, who solves issues.

The uniform of the pink string bikini emphasizes sexual power and male control, rather than intellectual beauty of the wearer, spiritual unity and community service. Which is more powerful, the burka, or the bikini? Let me suggest both exert power and control.

Actually a woman with a brain would rather drop dead, than be caught in this “uniform” publicly. It speaks to male dominance, just as the woman’s wearing it, exhibits subservient, passive aggressive controlling nature is just as offensive as its diametric opposite,and extreme coverage of the Burkha.

Leadership styles, though are tough to develop. This caption from the#WSJ.

How Can Young Women Develop a Leadership Style?

Leadership experts say women face a “double-bind”: If they assert themselves forcefully, they may trigger a backlash. But if they act in a stereotypically feminine way, they may not be seen as strong leaders.”

Could anyone please explain to me how a bikini gets you into the board room, or is this get up intended to prelude the bedroom? Are women encouraged to submit as a child would to harsh criticism,  be a  sex goddesses for male control, or learn a new language called , ‘BITCH”.

What mask or uniform are you wearing to exert your own power and control in your area of expertise?  Are you learning a new language ? Are you wearing a new game shirt? , or talking from your own bully pulpit.

Angelica Wagner

Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Film Maker

Author: “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

“Are YOU Ready for a Miracle?”


About coachangie1

It is Angelica’s continuing mission to lead a life of full-time service as a published author, creating miracles as daily blessings, and sharing the lessons learned in her ministries worldwide through print, through healing seminars, through consciousness raising films and workshops. Angelica is a frequent corporate key note speaker and teaches advanced real estate concepts to investors across USA and Canada. To contact Angelica Wagner as a Life Coach, please call 949.500.2630. for further trainings, books and seminar dates. www.coachangie1 blog
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